Aurora Limousine’s Rules of Conduct

    These rules are applicable by Municipal & State Laws:

1. Seat belt (if available) use in the passenger area of the limousine is required for
    passengers under 18 and recommended for all passengers. Anyone under 18 will be not
     allowed in limousine if seat belt is not worn.

2. There is to be no Physical Violence in the limousine. If actions are deemed such by the driver,
    any or all situations may or will be applied;

    A. Removal of one or more individuals from the limousine for the remainder of the rental.

    B. The entire limousine rental can be canceled immediately without any refund.

    C. The police may be called to the location.

3. There will be no smoking permitted in the limousine. If anyone in the limousine is
     discovered smoking one or both situations may or will be applied;

    A. Removal of individual smoking from the limousine for the remainder of the rental.

    B. The entire limousine rental can be immediately canceled without any refund.

4. There is to be no Alcoholic Beverages in the limousine when there are occupants

     under 21 years of age present. The only exceptions to this are;

    A: An adult in the vehicle is a Parent of 21 years or older and can prove
         relationship to minor,

    B: Documentation is presented showing that there is a court appointed legal
         guardianship for said minor.

5. Absolutely NO MINORS in POSSESSION of ALCOHOL will be permitted in any limousin eoperated by Aurora Limousines.

    The vehicle will be parked and the Police will be called to the location, and then the
    parent(s) notified by the authorities, unless the minor is accompanied by a biological parent with
    the same last name.

6. Sitting on an open window sill or hanging any body parts out of a window while the limousine is in
    motion is not permitted

7. Throwing trash or any other item out of the windows is not permitted.

8. Weapons of any kind are not permitted in the limousine. This may be waived for
     licensed Law enforcement officers.

9. Any damage done to the limousine (IE: cut seat, broken lights, scarred leather, writing
     on any part of the limousine with any writing instrument) will be the responsibility of
     the lessee to repair or replace. If any damage is noticed at the start of service, notify
     the driver at that time to avoid being held responsible.

10. Profanity is not permitted whether directed at individuals in the vehicle or to the    public.

11. If any one in your party vomits in the limousine, there will be an additional $100.00
     cleaning charge.

12.The limousine will not be subjected to search by anyone other than an Anchorage    
     Police Officer or Alaska State Trooper, and then, only if there is reasonable cause.